Rejuvination through the power of where science and serenity meet.

Red Carpet Treatment

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Red Cold Laser Treatment to Rejuvinate the Skin.
  • Radio Frequency Treatment to Tighten the Skin to your natural youth. 
  • Oxygen Infusion to Increase blood flow and provide a youthful glow. 

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That is exactly what I and my friends needed

I would like to thank you for the excellent service. I had a home party with Dori Brenes and she was fabulous!  All my friends went home feeling younger, smoother and they all looked great!  My friends were so thankful and we all had such a good time.  Everyone said it did not hurt but could really see the results after.  They were all impressed as am I.  Thank you again for such excellant service.  This is exactly the type of evening my friends and I all needed.  

- Angela Silver, host

My husband dropped his jaw!

Good day. Yesterday I got the last of a series of 5 laser lipo treatements for your company and I must say I am really pleased.  I am not the only one though, my husband dropped his jaw when I put on a bikini today and that made me feel wonderful.  He has not looked at me like that since we were first married.  It is so nice to not only feel better, younger and more beautiful but to have my husband notice the difference in my body enough to put a smile on his face and make him feel better too.  Thank you for not only renewing my body but my marriage too!

- Jonie Palermo, happy wife

You Proved it works

I am a complete sceptic at every turn.  I went to a laser party with some friends and figured I would try just the neck tightening treatment.  I really did not expect anything at all.  First my friends were all amazed then I went home and saying nothing to my boyfriend he quickly noticed my neck and asked me if I was working out allot lately or what.  He said I looked super and so good.  Still being the sceptic and not believing it yet I saw my mom for lunch today.  My mother who always points out anything negative ecspecially about how I look, for the first time in ten years complimented me on how young and beautiful and in shape I looked.  Ok, I give in, there is proof.  My mom would never say it if it were not true!  You are wonderful!  Thank you for changing my life.  I cannot wait to schedule more treatments!

- Linda Melrow, hair stylist